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cinematic reel open featuring a mysterious mechanical visual device.

GOLD @ BDA Awards 2005


a visceral piece about transformation, identity and the infinite possibilities of replication. Everything starts with birth: fluids merge and cluster, forming cells, multiplying, growing, led by the programming of Dna code.
Welcome to the world of  Replica 3,

a journey from the quivering inner depths of the human body outward to a Boschian landscape of fragmented and melded flesh.


award wining short film featuring a DNA code thief in a futuristic world.

honorary mention @ ARS ELECTRONICA 1998

RESfest, PITCH Film Festival, SCI FI Channel


a man closes himself into his apartment with all doors and windows nailed shut. slowly he disintegrates mentally and physicaly until he explodes into an orgy

of self mutilation and self destruction. footage from the film is also featured in our music video for FETISH 69 "Kickback"


Violet Suk and Martin Koch explore aesthetic archetypes of cyberpunk with the backdrop of a large, sprawling metropolis, neon & smoke and the reconfiguration of the human body through machines. Using the visual language of music videos and tv-spots Suk & Koch are building a scenery of transformation and manipulation of the human body that culminates in a choreographed, mechanical ballet of man and machine.


A futuristic bio lab, where self cloning is a glamorous lifestyle. Our interpretation of the notion "Future Beautiful" for the Exhibition TEKKO 03.

GOLD @ BDA Awards 2005 Featured in Creativity Magazine’s NO-Spot Festival, featuring short films from commercial directors.


We were one of 13 Filmmakers commissioned to create a 90 second Redbull short film themed "The Can". 

Our contribution is an abstract, rhythmic film, deconstructing the Rebull iconic can and its energy drink in a new perspective, through reflections, symmetry, moving lights, mirrors and extreme macro shots.


abstract short film. visuals of a distorted human body, typography and processed soundsform sychroniced moving patterns.


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