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Violet Suk & Martin Koch

Suk & Koch Media Inc.

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Growing up with an insatiable appetite for comic books, kung fu b-movies, industrial metal music and late night television, the multi-faceted universe of Violet Suk & Martin Koch fused together in 1992 on a music video shoot while studying at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts. Violet & Martin interweave pop culture influences with their individual filmmaking backgrounds creating innovative image-making and storytelling. Combining live action with photographic techniques, graphic design, animation and sound, they approach their audio - visual ideas playfully with irony and beauty.

In the early 90s, diving head on into the German speaking music underground, the two directed over 40 music videos as well as numerous award winning projects for progressive German and Austrian ad agencies and TV stations. Followed by invitations to Art exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums in Europe including the Museum of Modern Art Vienna and the Secession. Finding inspiration in Music and being band members, they honed their live performance skills creating video backdrops at concerts and tech raves in the 90s.

In 1998, feeding their curiosity to expand their cultural sphere of influence, Violet & Martin relocated to New York City to induce their Asian-European sensibility into American pop culture. 2 years later the Duo formed their own company Suk & Koch Media Inc.. They find a playground in broadcast design, creating numerous Image campaigns and Show Designs for networks like Sci Fi Channel, MTV networks, USA network, Comedy Central, She TV and IndemandHD among many others. Soon, getting somewhat bored from only TV projects, they return to their roots exploring music videos, short films and commercials for Sony Music, Mercury Records, Universal, Red Bull, BMW, Calvin Klein, Artistry, Helmut Lang Jeckerson, Juicy Couture among others.

Their short films and commercials have been screened multiple times at Ars Electronica, ResFest, Transmediale, IDN conference and Creativity Magazine’s No-spot Festival. Their music videos and commercials have been nominated and awarded at MVPA, Promax/BDA, New York Festival, Ars Electronica,CCA, Art Directors Club of Europe among others. Violet & Martin never stand still, continuously perfecting and augmenting their visual language.


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